Homeschooling on a Budget is coming in August!

“Homeschooling on a Budget,” will be available on Tuesday, August 2nd!

I’m so happy that I finally got the release date for my highly anticipated book on homeschooling. Sure there are plenty of texts about how to homeschool or what methods work best, but there’s really nothing out there that guides parents to create a budget and utilize free and low cost resources to provide the best education possible at home.

I’ve been homeschooling for going on 11 years. My eldest is so far ahead that she’s recently convinced me to let her take her ACTs and SATs next year. If she scores high enough she’ll be allowed to take her state exam and potentially finish high school at 13. It’s a terrifying but also exciting prospect because I know she can do it, and slowing her lessons down has been a challenge for years, but she has a lot of experiences to go through before she is ready for adulthood. Even if she meets her goals she’ll still have to do shadowing and apprentice to gain more skills, as well as be guided through her teens by the fam. She wants to own her own bakery so we’ve worked out a plan (together) to help her gain the knowledge needed to reach success, and I keep having to remind myself that everyone has their own personal journey. Teaching has taught me plenty of lessons. The main one being, all children learn at different rates.

I’ve also learned that self-funding your child’s education doesn’t have to be a burden. It’s not financially impossible for low-income families, not is it as mentally taxing as some people think.

So yeah, look out, because I’m ready to spill all the fun details. Oh, and pre-orders go up next week!

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