Homeschoolers Aren’t Quitters

I recently read a piece which advised parents to stop quitting the public school system in order to save it. While I appreciate the sentiment, many homeschoolers like myself had no other choice. The school district in my area lost accreditation when my eldest was just reaching school age. Misappropriation of funds, further corruption, and a lack of proper community standards have led the education system to fail families for years now.

Anyone who doesn’t have the money for private school or the time to commute to charter schools or other options are often forced into homeschooling in order to provide their children the best education possible. And, in truth, now that I’ve been teaching my children at home for over 10 years, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Homeschooled children are excelling, while public school children are struggling.

Because of this I has to respond and my article is free to read here:


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