(3) 5 Star Reviews


Every writer relies on book reviews. They help readers get a feel for our work and boost our sales. While every author hopes to get 5 star reviews, we know that not everyone is going to love what we’ve written.

Criticism is the name of the game. Listening to editors and making changes is one of the most difficult aspects of the job. It’s painful at times, but often necessary.

When my editor sent me back their first notes on “Homeschooling on a Budget,” I expected the worst. I’m dyslexic, so I always expect the worst when it comes to having my work marked up, but thankfully there weren’t too many red marks at all. It was one of the most pleasant editing experiences I’ve had throughout my career.

I had put in the work and it paid off. But that doesn’t always translate to success. The true test is gaining reader feedback. That’s always the most important aspect of being an author.

Sure I could “write for myself,” and write whatever I want,” but without thinking of the reader sales don’t go off well. I wanted to craft an informative resource that was also fun to read and had a few jokes thrown in to keep things lighthearted.

I hope that comes across to everyone who reads “Homeschooling on a Budget.” So far, the reviews have said that I did just that.

I’ve now received 3 separate 5 star reviews from the book lovers over at Readers’ Favorite. They each have something different to say, but it’s all positive and I’m just so grateful that they enjoyed reading my work.

I copied the most recent below, but you can read all 3 here:


Reviewed by Divine Zape for Readers’ Favorite

I am reviewing Homeschooling on a Budget by Jessica Marie Baumgartner as a parent who decided to continue homeschooling my children from the time the Covid-19 crisis hit the world, and I must say that it is more than a sheer treasure. It is a book that provides the help, tools, and advice required to bring the education of children back home. This is a book that powerfully asserts that every parent, regardless of their income, can provide quality education to their children, and the author writes beautifully about how to make this a reality without having to spend a fortune. For parents who are unable to send their children to private schools or those already disappointed by the loopholes in the public education system, this guide provides a fascinating option – homeschooling.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner compares the costs of homeschooling versus public school, how to make use of libraries and the World Wide Web, the physical materials to consider for homeschooling – books, workbooks, and kits – the art of organizing field trips, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. The author examines the place of homeschooling groups and conventions and a lot of other interesting topics that equip parents with the knowledge they need to provide home education to their kids from an early age until graduation and college. Although I have been homeschooling my kids for the past year, this wonderful book just opened my eyes to information I haven’t yet considered.

This is a practical guide to successful homeschooling, a book that is written with a passionate voice and in prose that is both enjoyable and accessible. Homeschooling on a Budget is the book for every parent who is looking for an option other than public education for their kids, or anyone who finds the cost of educating their children too high. This book is a compelling endorsement for homeschooling, a book that details its benefits and teaches readers about cutting educational costs. It is written by an expert educator.


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