College Offering Class Studying Angry White Men

The same college that employed a communist Chinese spy is using communist tactics to divide and conquer people, but students have been programmed with social justice initiatives for so many years now that they literally believe that re-segregation and the vilification of groups of people based on race and sex is “anti-racism.” If that’s not propaganda then The Biden Administration has redefined yet another word to hide the country’s obvious suffering.

White men are so publicly and politically attacked that even independent news organizations cut out factual information like this:

“Despite the fact that theatrical “news sources” like CNN have deemed angry white men the biggest threat to America, white males are not the most likely group of people to commit murder, or robbery. Men in general, including white men, work the most dangerous jobs and white males are most likely to join the military and serve the country. White males are also the most likely to commit suicide.”

Modern misandry is fashionable right now. White hate is everywhere and though plenty of people will say that “this is karma for all the wrong white people did in the past,” all people of all nationalities, sexes, genders, and races have experienced slavery, tyranny, oppression, and even genocide, yet none of these horrific occurrences have ever been solved by racism, hatred, and division. Not a one.

White people didn’t invent slavery, but we were the first to outlaw it. White people didn’t invent racism, that was originally a biological survival skill that led groups of people to form tribes and look out for each other based on their basic shared interests. Now I do not support racism in any form, but I will never subscribe to “anti-racist” rhetoric which is deeply rooted in anti-white racism, nor do I support gender theory because I do not worship ideas, I consider and explore them. I research, debate, & test. I utilize the scientific method in every aspect of my life and look to the commonalities between all humans that bring us together as beings instead of colors and shapes.

There is an entire world of history, biology, and mathematical facts which are being ignored and suppressed in order to place blame on innocent people in the name of politics. Politics is the new sports. It’s the new religion. Far-left progressives worship their victims and herald mental illness. They support destructive theories which have no proven success rates or factual basis, yet decry anyone who questions this rhetoric.

It’s insane and now I’m just ranting because I’m raising 2 boys and 2 girls and not 1 of them would ever discriminate against someone the way academia and its followers do. My husband is Jewish and I’m Pagan (I am also 1/16th Shoshone). Some of our ancestors have been enslaved, raped, murdered, and faced genocide just like all peoples throughout history. But instead of focusing on this to spread hatred or make excuses for our personal shortcomings, we work to find peace and love. We wish to breed intelligent discourse, respectful debate, and build a future without political persecution or social division.

It’s why my kids aren’t going to college. Trade schools, on the job training, and small business ownership are much more promising prospects which will take just as much time and effort in order to meet success. The cost of college is honestly a more risky bill than a business loan in my opinion.

What everyone else does is up to them, but parents and students who want to learn useful skills and have fun in life will better meet those goals through alternative means.

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