That’s All She Wrote

This is my last day of education news reporting for Go 2 Tutors.

It’s been a great experience. I highly enjoy examining schools and teaching. It’s rewarding work that I’m not eager to leave.

Unfortunately Go 2 Tutors is being shut down. We’ve had a good run. The site was doing well from what I know except for google inconsistencies.

The conspiracist (yep, I’m making that a word haha) in me definitely suspects foul play. My work has been censored before. Especially by big tech. It’s been such an issue that I am part of a major state lawsuit against the Biden Administration for their collusion with big tech to suppress information regarding certain truths that make them look bad.

Whether google has been shadow banning our articles or not, I’ve saved them all and will re-post the ones that have a longer shelf life than most news articles deserve. I’ve been wanting to do that more lately, re-posting previous work that was published by now defunct outlets. I guess this is my sign.

But don’t worry. I’m not out of the game. I’m heading over to Giant Freakin Robot to report on Entertainment, Culture, Science & Technology, and all that good stuff.

The wind always blows me in the right direction so who knows where this new journey will lead. That’s a writer’s life.


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