Police Warning Parents Of The Dangers Of Oversharing On Social Media


“Cybercrime has increased throughout the years, but none is more terrifying than child predators abusing social media to target children. Although many parents wish to share pictures and information about their kids on the internet, the fact of the matter is that oversharing online can be dangerous. Police have recently warned parents about this and offered some tips on how to keep posts simple and safer. 

The back-to-school photo trend has become a cultural standard. For years now parents have taken to popular social media sites, like Facebook, to post pictures of their children on the first day of school. Unfortunately, child predators await these moments to collect information and even stalk children. 

What started as a fun trend has become an oversharing event. Parents are no longer just displaying photos of their children before class or going to school, they have begun circulating social media posts that include children’s information. It’s meant as a milestone marker — having children hold a sign in the picture, stating their name, age/grade level, the name of their school and teacher, as well as their favorite interests. 

These social media displays provide child predators with all the information they need to not only know how to gain access to a child but how to lure them into traps by catering to what they enjoy. “

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