Joy, Love, and Gratitude will spread in just 2 weeks!

I love the holiday season. Halloween is one of my favorite days — not just because I get to dress up and eat candy but because it’s a time where children almost always remember to say “thank you.”

Then Thanksgiving comes to remind us that holidays don’t have to center around gifts and decorations. It’s just a time to remember all that you have and the power of family, friends, and a little good food.

Beyond that the biggest celebrations abound with so many traditions they can’t even be counted.

This year we get to kick off the holiday season with a special book focused on these special moments and the power of remembering others. Not only is my new story being featured in “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Christmas,” but a portion of the proceeds go to supporting the Toys for Tots charity.

You can already pre-order a copy to share as a gift or give yourself a little boost to prepare for all the love and joy that I hope comes to you.


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