Student Loan Forgiveness Program May Be Delayed

Why is the Biden Administration waiting until October to open student loan forgiveness applications? It’s all about election promises.

While those who paid for their own education or didn’t have the fundage to get a degree are expected to pay for this debt transfer (because debt never just magically disappears — as much as we wish it would), as soon as the program opens the lawsuits can begin. This is gonna be one for the books. I’m already stocking up on popcorn.

Who needs WOKE ass football games when you can watch politicians argue to keep overtaxing already broke Americans?

I mean it is a fun question: Is it really legal to force taxpayers to pay for loans they never signed up for?

Probably not.

But we’ll see. If this fully goes through, maybe I can petition to have lawmakers “forgive” my mortgage, or maybe all my grocery bills. After all, they’re the ones who keep spending money we don’t have on programs that keep failing.

(Of course government handouts always come with a price and they’re not worth the temporary relief anyone might see for a slight instant.)

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