It’s Just Around the Corner

It’s just that kind of year. There’s a lot to look forward to. Hope is abounding, and of course, celebrating the holidays season starts with all the wonders of fall and Halloween fun.

Sure it may seem a little early, but the hubsy and I are expecting another little bundle of joy so I’m immersed in gratitude, love, and joy already. While I’m not due to bring our next little darling into the world until after the holidays, the season of giving always makes this special time extra heartwarming.

Sharing that with you all keeps the words flowing and the content growing. So ready or not, check out my latest work. Pre-order a copy or 2! Due to be released next week on Tuesday, October 11th, “The Magic of Christmas,” isn’t just about Christmas. It’s about sharing our common bonds. All of the holidays and traditions that make us who we are no matter what our faith is. (I mean, I’m a Yule celebrating Pagan for silliness sake!)

It’s all about spreading cheer and giving in to that warm squishy feeling that we all need to experience sometimes. And most importantly, a portion of the proceeds got to support Toys for Tots!


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