Co-Op Halloween Party!!!

While public school students are stuck celebrating bland “fall festivals” and “winter celebrations” private schools and homeschool co-ops still provide families with true American culture. We had our Halloween party at my local co-op this week, and although some chose not to participate, everyone had a great time.

There was a costume contest, parade (with candy handed out by us moms/teachers), and a pumpkin decorating contest as well. All the different costumes were so fun. And of course, I dressed up.

October pregnancy photos are the BEST!

Being a teacher for the group, I was especially excited to share my love of celebrating the holidays and encouraging everyone to be silly and remember their inner child. My eldest has been begging for us to do a group costume again and really wanted us to be vampires.

Since there are little kids at out community based school, we skipped the fake blood for the party, but my daughters had a blast. (The boys being too small to attend without potentially knocking things over and causing chaos)

Both of my girls won their costume contests in their age ranges, and my youngest daughter won 3rd place for her pumpkin. That was such stiff competition, I really didn’t think we stood a chance. I didn’t help her at all and she just about used entire canisters of paint on the thing. But it was the only spooky one and really stood out for that. All the other pumpkins were cute and pretty haha

But even if they hadn’t have won anything, I know the day would have been just as special. There is something unifying about just laughing and celebrating together.

As a Pagan, I consider Halloween a cultural holiday and the religious/spiritual aspect is a separate event. Our co-op is Christian based but we always feel welcomed and loved. That means so much to us and makes it important to reciprocate that divine respect and care. That’s something that doesn’t exist in public schools anymore, but it is alive and well in other areas for those who seek it.

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