Education News channel and more episodes coming!

Big tech censorship has cost me a lot. It’s insane how factual information is being smeared as “misinformation” or “disinformation” to conveniently support one-sided politics.

While plenty of people claim that “journalism is dead,” I can’t let that stand. Independent journalists are still working hard to ensure that corruption and bad policies are exposed. My focus has been on education ever since I became an education news reporter, and just because they site I was working for shut down doesn’t mean these issues disappear.

Teacher abuse, political propaganda entering curriculum, school violence, and corruption are still thriving within the public school system (and even some private schools). At the same time, some students are reaching major achievements despite all the turmoil and there is plenty of good news to be offered as well.

So I’ve finally taken the reins and started my own education news channel. Since the majority of parents have been clashing with school boards, teachers unions, and federal government initiatives, my work has already faced intense scrutiny and been censored by big tech. Because of this I will NOT be releasing any of my videos on YouTube.

My content is available on Rumble, Odysee, and I had a Bitchute account, but the admin is a little off and it’s just not for me. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I will be posting the latest on what’s going on in education news and I hope that you will join me. I am also linking all my sources in the video descriptions so you can “fact check” me all you want. I stand by my work, and mostly, truth.

Here’s looking to the future of Education News!

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