Spreading Cheer!


Sharing stories about holidays past is a great tradition to get in the spirit, or overcome new issues that pop up during this special time of year.

A lot of people are hurting right now and that can really take a toll. The economy is a wreck, trust is down, and politics is dominating far too many conversations. Remembering friends, family, and faith might get pushed aside right now, but thinking back to harder times or other holidays where someone made everything better with a simple gesture is exactly the kind of hope that leads to peace and joy.

Today I am incredibly humbled to see that my latest collaboration, “Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Christmas,” has jumped up to #10 in Christmas books. Reading is a gift that can be shared again and again. Spreading stories, true stories about the best of humanity gives us a better sense of who we are and our greater purpose.

Even though times are tough, knowing that my readers are still there is helping me through yet another period of uncertainty as my career and family life shifts once more. I am so thankful for that. For everyone who has supported this work, I hope you’re enjoying every word!

It means more than ever when so many people are experiencing untimely struggles.

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