Forgiving the Medically Brainwashed in the Post-COVID Era

“Medical tyranny starts with medical brainwashing. Millions of Americans and individuals around the globe have been misled into believing that a series of vaccines — which did not go through the typical five to ten years of standard testing — are “safe and effective,” the very same way that they were misled into believing that “abortion is health care.”

Anyone who trusts their leaders, the mainstream media, and the majority of doctors believe these lies. It is unfathomable to them that medical professionals or elected officials would mislead them on such a mass scale.

But they have.”

I wrote this on Monday. It had to come out. The parallels I draw between abortion regret and vaccine regret are REAL. I discussed a lot with my mother over the weekend and it was an enlightening conversation that inspired me to dig deeper. Read the full article to gain more understanding.

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