Silly words

I figured it was time to get a blog for all those crazy things I’m working on to keep you guys updated. Sure facebook and twitter are fun, I guess, but this gives me more space to ramble on and then you can enjoy the insanity that is my thought process. So, I have just a few little things to note today.

It looks like my children’s book, “My Family is Different” will be released in August or September. If any of you don’t know yet, it is about diversity in religion told from the eyes of a young Wiccan girl. She realizes that her family celebrates different holidays and life events and decides to talk to her friends about it. In conversing with them she learns that most of her friends have their own faiths or none at all and that makes her feel good because she realizes that all families are different.

Honestly, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t already come out with something like this. We live in such a diverse world that’s grown so interconnected that this story feels important. I get so wrapped up in writing fantasy stories and working on non fiction essays that a simple honest children’s book (to make my kids smile) gives me the change of course I need to work at keeping my originality.


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