The Cover is Coming

I’ve worked with two other publishers, but I love European Geeks! I got the first mock up of the cover art for my upcoming release, By the Stars, and it was good but something seemed to be missing. Instead of just sitting by and nodding my head, I trusted my publisher enough that I emailed back some of my apprehensions.

This can be dangerous territory. A lot of publishers don’t have time to go back and forth and it’s not a good idea for an author to seem argumentative. I never want to seem unreasonable, so I tried to explain myself as respectfully as possible.

It paid off. I got a couple of alternatives this morning and the second is amazing. I can’t wait to share it with everyone.

As an author, I wish for the words to speak for themselves, but cover art is a big deal. Everyone knows the whole, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” nonsense, but we all do it. If every books had the simple leather covered design from ages ago that would make sense, but in our culture of visual media a cover can drive a book.

It’ll be so much fun to share it with you soon!

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