Blow it off

I get pretty wrapped up in what I do sometimes. I’m super organized and can plow through edits and drafts quickly. But sometimes I just have to forget all that and have fun.

Last night was one of those nights. I do my best to make sure I balance my home life and work life. It’s difficult because I’m always at home. If I wasn’t so driven I could laze about and be like Peg from “Married with Children”… or not. Not really. The idea of that alone makes me sick. haha

It’s great for a silly comedy, but not for real life. I work my ass off so much sometimes I have to slow myself down.

It’s okay to blow off work on a Friday night and just chill. My daughters help pull me from my workaholic ways. They remind me to live in the now like I did when I was a kid. And I love it!

Today we’re building a tree house. I of course envision myself editing amongst the trees in the near future. heehee Leave it to me to turn our soon to be fun house into a work space.

I see nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure a long as you’re conscious of it. Most writers aren’t as organized as I am. I can do these things because I know my patterns and work ethic.

If you know yourself you can blow things off without falling behind.

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