Oh man. My old lady status may be revoked. I know I’m only 32, but I’m not a fan of book trailers and audiobooks, ebooks are okay but I prefer the good old fashion method of actually holding a physical copy as I turn pages.

Book trailers weird me out. I mean trailers are for movies right? Books are about imagination, not visual stimulation. But everything is about marketing now, and if a trailer helps reach readers, maybe they aren’t so bad.

I can’t believe I just sad that. Me. Blah

I’ve given ebooks a fair shot. They are nice. I like to fill my kinlde with books to test them and only buy a hard copy of the stories I truly love. It’s a nice balance. I’m not swimming in books I’ll never read again, but I have Jane Eyre and Wild Ink always sitting on my dresser ready for another go.

Now here’s the big one: audiobooks. I had a few books on tape as a kid, but once I learned to read, there seemed to be no use for them. I love boring into a page with my eyes. The simple act of reading is something I highly enjoy.

A literate person choosing to listen to a book seemed wrong to me for the longest time. It doesn’t matter how busy I get, I will always make time to read.

But not everyone has that luxury. I’m learning and beginning to accept this. Audiobooks are apparently huge now. People like to listen in the car, when they’re working out, or whenever they can.

The more I explore this option, the more I understand it. I’ve had enough requests to have my recent release, By the Stars, done as an audio book that my publisher and I are now exploring our options.

Thing is, my book is mine. (I can be a bit possessive and controlling at times) I want to narrate it. I’ve done some acting and think I can train myself to slow down and read it properly, but there’s a lot that goes into it.

So for now, I’m excited for the potential to do an audiobook. Maybe we’ll get things rolling soon and you can all listen to me tell my own tale.

5 thoughts on “AUDIOBOOKS

  1. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    Same here – I’m normally not a fan of audiobooks either. I like being able to hear the characters how *I* imagine them, at the pace I choose, and to stop and re-read a great passage if I want. But I definitely understand the value of audiobooks for people who don’t have time to read. If I had a long drive to work every day, I would listen to SO many audiobooks! But given the choice, I’m like you – I pick a handheld paper copy. That’s awesome that you’re getting so many requests for audiobooks though! More formats can only be better, right? And if you get to record it yourself, even more awesome. 🙂

  2. Dave S. Koster says:

    I’m a fan of audio books because I have 2 hours a day locked in a high-speed metal box. My blood pressure can’t take NPR anymore. Plus, I made it through books like Crime and Punishment and Johnathan Strange and Mister Norrell because of audio books. These are books I would not have gotten through otherwise.
    If you get to read it yourself, that’s great. As for your pacing, well, don’t worry about that too much. The Wizard of Earth Sea was narrated by a very energetic actor, and it was fine.

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