Who Needs an Office?

I’m blogging from my treehouse right now! (And yes, I feel that treehouse should be one fucking word haha)

It’s not finished yet, but good enough to offer a great work space. I woke up, did the usual morning stuff and then brought the kiddos our here to read together. They’re running around now doing their silly fun time thing, and I have the place all to myself.


There’s nothing like sharing my love of nature with my children and being able to work out in it.

When my husband and I bought our cute little brick house, the main selling point was the huge backyard. Leave it to me to care more about the land than the actual building we’re meant to live in. teehee It did seem like a gem since we’re so close to the city.

We had an office once, then we had a couple of kids and our 800 sq foot living space shrank significantly. I don’t mind. My grandparents raised 8 kids in a house not much bigger than this. (Okay maybe a bit bigger, but you get the point)

Everyone seems to want more space now. But the more space you have, the more crap you want to fill it with, and the less time you spend with the people who live with you. If that works for others, good for them. (Everyone has their own ways) But that’s not my thing.

I like to joke about how I have no office, no fancy writing desk. I have a notebook, a pen, and where ever the hell I am. It’s worked for me so far.

But I can foresee many editing sessions taking place in my new treehouse. (One word! I swear it should be one word. haha)

I’ll probably write some awesome tales here. I’ll still wander. Sometimes write with my feet in the air, or while walking around like the silly floof headed fool I am.

But like everything else, writing is what you make of it. I could lock myself away and write all day, but instead I’d rather get out and have fun, and play in a treehouse. (One word, got it?)

3 thoughts on “Who Needs an Office?

  1. Dave S. Koster says:

    When we bought our house, it was just about 900sq. ft, but with a huge lot. The actual yard is tiny, and most of the land is swampy with a little springs and a creek running out to the lake on the other side. We bought it because we have the feel of being out in the middle of nowhere (and it was the only house in our price range). We get all sorts of crazy wildlife wandering through – foxes, ermine (stoat/weasel if you prefer), moose (who are huge and assholes). After we learned child #3 was on the way, we took stock and realized that 900 wasn’t going to cut it, we simply didn’t have places to stash everyone. Rather than give up our little slice of suburban wilderness, I added on to the house – arguably one of the hardest things I’ve ever attempted. Now, it’s a big house, and yes we have entirely too much shit in here. We do have an office of sorts, it’s a sun room that looks out at the swamp. Even with all that. What I’d really like. More than anything is a cozy, heated, insulated roofed (with skylights) treehouse where I can wander out, even in the howling madness of winter, and find a piece of quiet right up against nature to feel inspired and calm.
    Moral of the story (and my opinion, for what it’s worth): Treehouse=good / Major household addition=less good.

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