Round and Round We Go

I should never speak in absolutes. No one should. Not in this life at least.

I’d been writing longer and longer pieces so much I began to believe I was done with short stories. hahahaha Yeah right. Or Yeah write (for anyone who’s feeling punny today) What a fool I am.

It’s okay, I openly accept it. Nothing surprises me anymore because as soon as I feel like I’ve got a handle on something and find balance, everything shifts again. It’s a continuous cycle of fun that I ride with pleasure.

The moment my publisher showed an interest in putting together a collection of my short stories I should’ve known I’d be inclined to write some more. Thing is I have notebooks full of outlines for novels and novellas (I try to avoid novelettes since they don’t seem to be as popular-learned that the hard way heehee)

Silly me. In the past few weeks I have pushed out some of the best short stories I’ve ever worked on. I should be afraid to say that, but when you know, you know. Problem is most of them aren’t just personal, they’re super personal. Like hide them away personal. haha

I went through a phase late last fall where I dug real deep and pulled out some rough shit. It seems like I’m doing it again. And as scared as I was to submit those babies, they’ve done pretty well. So maybe I’ll warm up to sharing these, I don’t know.

Just seems like that time of year again. Fall does something to writers and it’s back (struck me a little early I guess, among other things). I’m super stoked to see how this cycle plays out.

Each cipher is different.

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