Our Little Dears

Writers compare books and babies a lot these days. I do it all the time. I’m a mom and I write so I make connections between the two constantly.

Like when you have to cross out a whole bunch of lines you’ve just written, it’s very much like cleaning up a mess of poop a toddler left for you. haha

But honestly, you have to train a story, mold a story, let it grow and change. The more I write the more I realize that no author has control of their story. You can outline and plan all you want, but just like raising kids, things will shift and you have to be ready to jump with the change.

We love them, nurture them and they become their own. Some don’t make it, some do but without as long of a run as we prefer. But what I love most about the similarities between parenting and writing, is how much I can love raising a story, even if no one else loves it.

Our tales are our own. We share them in the hopes that they will touch someone. But if they don’t that shouldn’t take away from the experience.

3 thoughts on “Our Little Dears

  1. Shannon Noel Brady says:

    I think the similarity is accurate too. 🙂 All of my stories are dear to me, but it’s my first novel that I especially think of as “my baby.” It’s precious to me because of how meaningful it was when I finished it, and it most dramatically represents that feeling of “creation” in my mind. Something that grew from me, like a child.

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