Playing with Periscope

As if twitter, facebook, g+, youtube, amazon, goodreads, pintrist, wordpress, and email weren’t enough I have been introduced to the world of live feeds. These aren’t like my silly Wacky Wednesday videos on youtube, okay maybe a bit, but there isn’t any margin for mistakes. haha

I know a couple of people who have done live feeds and they’ve been entertaining. So when my publisher asked if I would like to do some I agreed. I’m still getting the hang of it, and facebook has yet to verify my author page (even though I sent a request a while ago) so I’m currently on periscope.

The problem with me is that I never run out of things to share. And live feeds are addictive. I’ll probably do one in a little bit today. It’s not that I enjoy hearing myself talk, cuz I really don’t. I hate the playbacks. But I do love connecting with others. I have this thing for the “Human Connection.” It’s why I write and post silly songs and talk to so many people.

I successfully read my children’s book and sales went up, so live feeds are a great tool for authors. But even without that, I still enjoy the release of just letting it out. Sometimes when you get frustrated at your art, work, or whatever it’s fun to hop on and be silly or share something worth while. (I don’t know that anything I post is ever really worth while, but still haha)

The digital age is such a trip. It is what you make of it.

I’m gearing up to do a reading from book 1 of my Embracing Entropy series (By the Stars) and maybe even a passage from my erotic paranormal romance Tale of Two Bookends. (But if I read one of the sex scenes I’ll have to be super drunk, so probably not the juicy stuff haha)

The fun thing about periscope is that it’s linked to twitter. So, you know were to find me. @jessbaum23

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