Blogging about Blogging

I’m gonna blog about blogging today because I’m sick. I feel like shit. I haven’t written, or edited, or read anything in like 2 or 3 days and I’m kinda going nuts. But somehow I am still here. Doing this.


I don’t really fucking know. haha Maybe It makes me feel better to know that I can keep rambling even when I’m falling apart. Or maybe it’s a good distraction from the fact that day after tomorrow I have a mud run to do and I refuse to back out. I will beat this bitch.

We all have off weeks and I guess it’s my turn. I’m trying to keep going. I have gotten up and trained every morning, even though today’s the only day I haven’t woken up late. And here I am again, in front of my computer typing out my little clickity words in the hopes that someone cares to listen.

Blogs are funny like that. You never know if anyone cares to read them, but they are a great tool to help keep you going. I’ve met some pretty awesome people through blogging. Most are bloggers and writers themselves.

I try to read other people’s stuff whenever I can. Sorry I’ve been waning this week. My heads all cloudy and full of fluff. (Okay the fluff is usually there, but still…)

Even when I have nothing to say I have something to say. Gift and a curse I guess. heehee I got some good news this morning so maybe I’ll be sharing that with you tomorrow. Until then keep blogging, or reading, or living. Whatever haha

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