So far so Good

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Not only is By the Stars (book 1 of my novella series) on sale through my publisher this week, but last night she told me that she’s about 70% through reading the manuscript for book 2 and loving it.

Usually I’m super afraid to note things until they’re 100%. But my intuition today says, enjoy it. Share it.

Maybe it’s because I’m gearing up to write book 3. It’s swirling in my head right now, but I won’t touch it until we finish the editing for book 2. That means we have to start it. haha

With a novella series like this, it really is a digital serialized novel. Which take time and patience. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I’m not great at waiting. But I am great at keeping myself busy in the meantime and allowing what I’ve already accomplished to help aid me.

I wasn’t even sure if By the Stars would get published. Having gotten this far, I’m working on admitting to myself that I’m doing all right. The stars have guided me well.

The fear of finishing this series is beginning to break free. It’s gonna be a long road getting to the end. When all 3 ebooks have had there run, then comes the day when I get the full print volume. The idea alone makes me want to cry.

It won’t be anytime soon. But I’m playing the long game and things have been working out so far.

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