New Author Profile: Jessica Marie Baumgartner, On The Brink

I had so much fun with this interview!

Dan Alatorre

Your humble host. Your humble host.

Jessica Marie Baumgartner is a lively, spirited author with a wide range of interests: children’s stories, an erotic paranormal romance, and a space opera series (“Clearly, there is no one genre for me.” – Jessica). She has several works out and recently inked a 2-year deal for the release of her erotic paranormal romance novel – the one she put in her “duds” folder after a couple of rejections.

Now it will be her “first actual published novel.”

She has definitely turned the corner and I feel she is on the brink of breaking out, so I wanted to chat with her while she’s still taking my emails.

Sit back and follow along as we discuss some of the ups and downs of her journey.


DAN: Which is the more important of the two: Write drunk or edit sober?

1 jess 0 Author Jessica Marie Baumgartner

JESSICA: Well I almost…

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