Writing for a Living

Writing is strange

It’s an art form, a profession, and an integral part of communication. Word addicts like me don’t always start out with the dream of supporting themselves off of slinging words. Hell, I always figured writing was just a fun hobby. I just got lucky enough to fall into getting published and went from there.


Opportunities are everywhere

If you don’t mind working for free, you can start gaining quite a range of writing credits. I consider it part of paying your dues. Writing is one of the few professions where it doesn’t matter how much schooling you have, experience is still key.

The more you write and work with publishers, the better you get. You have to be flexible. Writing is NOT a get rick quick scheme. (The odds of getting on the NY Times Bestseller list are about as good as winning the lottery)


Know your worth

But eventually, if you gain enough recognition the paying gigs start to open up more easily. You just have to go after them. I have three books out and two more slated for early 2016 releases, but royalties are not a constant form of income. I recently set up editing services to get some extra freelance work, and…drum roll please….

The day job

I decided to start looking for a steady full time writing job. Something that can be a career, and leave me time to write and edit at night and on my days off. My lack of a BA in English narrowed the field. Makes me a bit angry for not finishing school, but I have a AA, a lot of writing experience, and a great eye for editing other people’s work.

So I applied for a technical writing position. I didn’t know what to expect, but I got an interview with an awesome co, and now I have a steady Mon-Friday writing job!

kermit typing gif

Being able to write for a living is exactly what I want to be doing. I’m super stoked to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to start my new job on Monday. I’m great at prioritizing, so I’ve already started shifting my schedule to make sure I can fit in everything else that matters.

Balance is always key with writing!

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