The Best Present

Last night I worked through hand cramps, popping fingers, and crazy brain to finally wrap up my Embracing Entropy Series.

I’ve been so close for so long. But I think I was dragging it out because writing multiple stories in one world is a trip. You love and hate your characters at time. They basically become your second family. You don’t always want to see them, but sometimes you need to. And when it’s time to leave, it can be hard.

I needed to give The Campbell family the ending they deserved. And I think I did.

There is always writer’s doubt. I definitely have a word hangover, and may need a new hand, but it was totally worth it. Sometimes you just have to drink some rum and eggnog and get over your fears. (At least this time of year haha)

When ending a series, you have to make each book better. Book 1, By the Stars was a great start. I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads like, book 1 is the only one available for sale. I finished book 2, Wish for Survival over the summer and it is slated to be released on March 15th.

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So why finish the trilogy so soon? I find it better to keep going with the current characters you’re working on to stay in that world and make sure you don’t miss anything. We hear of authors who take years to finish multiple books in a series. It would be great to have that luxury, but that privileged is generally reserved for well known, big names.

I’m still climbing the ladder. I also write fast and have an obsessive tendency to finish what I start. There have been a few side projects along the way, and my family life has experienced it’s ups and downs throughout the writing of this series. I feel as if I’e been living a double life.

Isn’t that what writers do? We have to live in “the real world” and focus on the worlds that offer more concise truths to keep us from going completely insane.

After spending over a year in space and on another planet I can say that everything I’ve been through on this one has been helped by the writing that is always there for me.


I usually take a hiatus from writing new material in December. But my publisher dangled a carrot that I couldn’t pass up. If I get everything ready soon enough, we can release book 2 and 3 in Mach of 2016 to make way for the big, full edition, combined novel of these smaller books. I love the idea, I’m ready to make it happen.

I am so excited to share the rest of this story line with everyone and see how it is received.

It’s the best present of all.

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