A Year Since the Rain (Quotes)

I read a lot of book reviews and enjoy the different styles, but what usually gets me is the quotes pulled from a novel.

I just wrapped up reading A Year Since the Rain by Shane Wilson and I have pages earmarked and quotes underlines and circled for when I go back. It’s what I do haha

Check these out and see if they sway you to pick up a copy better than a lengthy review would do.

-I learned as an adult that small towns are only small if you grew up there.

-Her mystery was possibly her own creation, but she sold that shit hard.

-I’m talking about the earthquakes, the hurricanes, the floods. I’m talking about the kind of people that, when they leave, the earth shifts and experiences a new kind of pain. The fucking earth feels the pain and something about it changes. It’s the kind of shit that killed the dinosaurs, created the Grand Canyon, and broke up Pangaea. Sure, it all means there is some growth or evolution coming, but first, the earth has to hurt.

-Change is not something that is easy and clean and pretty.

-A lot was happening, and it was all happening at the light speed that tends to take over in those moments. I wanted to slow down, not to stop, but to appreciate what was happening.

-When is writing anything but a selfish act?

-But maybe dreams and nightmares stop being different when you grow up and fewer things scare you the way shadows did at four years old, and more things scare you the way that living an empty existence does at thirty-four.

-Just because that’s what our relationship was doesn’t mean that’s what it has to be.

-I learned that night that it’s easier in the dark-we don’t want to see what we are about to confront.

-It seemed the best way to go back then anyway-stand, wait, and let life swallow you up.

-People live and they die. The whole business of funeral has never made much sense to me.

-We spend a lot of time making the things we don’t know worse than they are, and we spend just as much time convincing ourselves that the things we do know are bad, are better than they are.

-What is in front of you is what matters.

-I don’t think you intentionally tricked me as much as I tricked myself.

-Roots don’t have to be put into the ground

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