Book review: Siren’s Snare by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

My baby got 5 Stars!

K.J's Athenaeum

Siren’s Snare an erotic romance by Jessica Marie Baumgartner. Savaunt has not long turned 500, middle age he longs for a child of his own, a son. There is only one problem. indexHe is a Siren, a race of males who can only produce offspring with a human female. Leaving his lover and best friend Desmond he embarks on his journey to find the perfect woman to birth his child, once her role is complete, in the way his kind have always done he will use her to satisfy his appetite. Sirens devour humans, it is simply the way things have always been. Finding himself on land, penniless and bare he immediately sets about using his charms to obtain everything he needs. Soon he finds  Lena, she works in a coffee shop with her best friend, and she is everything he needs. With the mother of his child in…

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