When is it okay for an author to talk about the twists and turns in their book?

This question has been nagging at me because there were some shocking plot point in my Embracing Entropy space opera that were not planned and hit me so hard while writing it that I’m dying to offer my sentiments on them. The book was released this past March so clearly it is too soon, but the more readers I talk to the more I fear I will have to stay silent until my end. haha


small EE cover

Having other writers and close friends and family members who read all of your work and are kind enough to discuss it with you is a huge asset to an author. It’s often difficult to wait for reviews to come in and sales fluctuate. The time from release day and beyond is just as hard on a writer as the writing is. Worse to me. I love writing, there are days where I feel like I hate it, but only because it is a challenge to convey what I feel needs to be said properly.


Once achieved, there is this burning need to get the message out there. To share it. The fear of rejection is padded with the hopes that your voice will help promote the human connection.

I mean, what is the point of publishing if not to reach out to others and share a common story?

But damn! There are days where I wish to open up a public forum going over the little reveals and the big events to offer more insight into what the hell was going on in my head when the story decided to do that.

Sometimes I work with and outline and sometimes I don’t, Embracing Entropy wouldn’t allow it. Each novella in this trilogy veered off on its own, so I was as surprised as everyone else when something crazy happened. haha


That’s what made it so fun.

It was hard to end it, but the ride took me so far that I’m happy where I left it. As for discussing spoilers, well after ruining one for my boyfriend and the anger that caused, I fear that the answer is: NEVER.


A writer can never reveal spoilers.

I don’t have time to keep a regular journal, but maybe I will sit down and jot out the little tid-bits and inside facts for each of my stories just in case anyone ever cares to know. Not a bad idea really. Because I’m not good at keeping secrets and part of my job as an author is keeping my mouth shut so the work can speak for itself. (At least in the case of spoilers haha)

5 thoughts on “Spoilers

  1. Sean P Carlin says:

    I would suggest, Jessica, you use this blog to start discussing some of the “behind-the-scenes” of Embracing Entropy — what better forum for it than the one you’ve established here? I would simply make sure to issue ample spoiler warning. At least if the discussion is on your author blog, readers can always bookmark the post and then come back to it after they’ve caught up with the series.

  2. Suzanne. says:

    I love the hidden chapters I found on Cassandra’s Claire blog. It was cool to read the story from a POV. But only after I had already read the books. Check out her site and do something like that.

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