Author Spotlight: Jessica Marie Baumgartner

In case you didn’t know, here are some more fun tid-bits about my writing process, compliments of LFA Turppa.


Second Spotlight, butterflies!

Our guest today is Jessica Marie Baumgartner, author of By the Stars (Book One of the Embracing Entropy series) and My Family is Different, a children’s book illustrated by Laura Winship-Fanae. Baumgartner has written several more, but these are the ones which stand out to me. I am embarrassed to say that I have not read the entire Embracing Entropy series, but I will have you know it is on my to read list!

Baumgartner is fearless, and I hope to one day be as brave!


Jessica’s motto is: Adventure first, then write! When not running around exploring nature and chasing after two smaller versions of herself, she also feeds the bunny. Somehow in there she has found the time to author the Embracing Entropy Series, Siren’s Snare, Tale of Two Bookends, and My Family Is different. She is a currently member of the Missouri Writers…

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