Round 1 of the No Borders writing competition is decided!

Waiting to hear back on a submission is agony. Having been on both ends, it’s just as hard on the people making the decision. I’ve done slush and helped choose what is to be published before, but the “No Borders” competition is my first gig as a judge.


The industry is complex and sometimes results do not seem fair, but having gone through all of our submissions I can confidently say that the best stories won.

I’ve contacted all of the entrants. I always try to make rejection letters as constructive and pleasant as possible. A lot of publishers/publications don’t have the time to respond personally, but I always try to.

As difficult as it is to respond to a hopeful submission with a no, contacting the winners is one of the best parts of the job. There is nothing like notifying someone that their work has paid off and that you not only believe in it but you are going to publish and promote it.

Our first submission blew me away. I feel so glad that I’m a part of this. (I also can’t wait to see what this next round will bring.)

no borders round 2

Yes, round 2 of the “No Borders” competition is open until June 30th. The theme is “Heat”- A perfect fit for summer and travel stories. So try your hand at it and send us what you’ve got. If you didn’t win last round, persistence is what offers a writer the most opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who submitted.

I look forward to working with our winners and can’t wait to edit our anthology!

1st Place: White Oak Lake Park by Carey L. Henderson

2nd Place: Lost in La Gomera by Anne McMillan

3rd Place: Naples and Beyond by Reynold Junker


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