We are living in one of the most literate countries in the world. Even people who claim to not have time for reading read. We take in the written word hundreds of times a day just by driving down the road and going about our regular routine.


Recreational reading often gets pushed aside when schedules get tight. It is one of the easiest things to cut out when you don’t have time. (Or hardest, but most viable if you’re an avid reader in a time crunch)


I hear more and more people saying that just can’t fit reading into their schedule. But the main solution that continues to grow in popularity is taking advantage of audio books. When you have a lengthy commute and you’re not in the mood for music, audio books offer the perfect solution.


My fiance likes to listen to them at night before bed (if I’m not reading to him). Sometimes it’s fun for the kids. I remember my sister and I enjoying books on tape when we were kids. They helped us to learn to read while entertaining us when the narrator did funny voices.

My love of reading will never wane, but audio books are a tool to aid busy story lovers in the modern world. Before writers there were storytellers. The oral tradition is where it all began. Memory and variation. At first I was skeptical myself, but audio books can keep readers engaged even if they’re not able to physically read all the time.

So this weekend I worked with George Sirois (a very talented author/voice actor). It was really him working and me clicking approve or making comments. And after a simple process through amazon’s acx services, my new children’s book, The Golden Rule, will soon be available in audio book format!


acx is a tool all authors should look into. You don’t have to have a studio or know anyone. Authors can simply post their title and that they are seeking a producer. Auditions will open, and the author then selects which producer they like best. Then the recording process begins. You have to provide the manuscript and make comments or ask for any changes as the samples come through, but that’s it.


It was way more simple than I thought it would be, and I feel a bit sheepish for not doing this sooner.

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