Thanks for the Nom

The latest in my wacky world of writing and workishness has been filled with lots and lots and lots of….waiting. YUCK (Gotta get over it, that’s the writing life haha)

But there is always something new and exciting popping up. Recently Danielle Writes nominated me for The Mystery Blogger Award.

It sounds super cool, and very mysterious. I’m honored anytime I get some kind of nod, and Danielle is a fellow writer, so her support means everything.

I hate to ruin the mystery, but this award was created by Okoto Enigma( )-gotta love the name, and is “an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.” I know I’m terrible at taking compliments, but I’ll gladly offer a bow for that kind of faith in my work.

So here are 3 things you all might not know about me.

1.I’m not really a writer. I suck at recording stories actually, because I’m a dyslexic ADD nut with rapid thought and a DR once told me I have bi-polar. Storytelling is all I care about which often gets me into trouble. (Thank the gods for editors)

2. I love all beings. Scaley, furry, feathery: whatever. I like to play with snakes and spiders, but am (for reasons I cannot explain) terrified of house centipedes. My current manuscript is actually a non-fiction piece full of all sorts of weird animal crazies.

 3. Here’s the BIG one that I’ve been trying to avoid. (You’re all gonna hate me, aren’t you?) I’m breaking up with spec fic. For real. It’s just not something I excel at because my stories are either too childish (children’s authories) or too outlandish (I often get the “This is good, but we just can’t place it”). It’s a long hard decision, but honestly my children’s books and non-fiction make me happy. The spec fic was turning me into a ball of hate and despair. The market is flooded, every genre is packed with authors trying to be heard and sci-fi and fantasy just aren’t doing it for me anymore (starting to wonder if they ever really did-I fear I was pushed into that genre by some well-meaning individuals and my own uncertainty.)

My nominator had some questions for me and I’m always happy to answer.

1.When did you first start blogging?

I have no idea. A few years back. Maybe in the month of September. I could look it up, but I’m lazy.

2. What do you blog about?

Writing. Reading. Sometimes author events.

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

OMG. I fear this may go on forever. I love adventures, trying new things. Hiking, swimming, jogging, skipping, running, dancing, swinging from the monkey bars, scuba diving, building things with sand (though I suck at it), fishing, hunting (yes, and I used to be a vegetarian), playing with animals, playing with my kids and all little ones, reading, writing, painting, singing, playing guitar, pretending I remember to play the piano, annoying my fiance, kazoos, baking (especially fruit pie), EATING (give me all your food!), laughing, twirling, jumping around, jumping on the bed, playing play-dough, swinging, bounding on exercise balls, yoga, feeding birds and squirrels, helping out on my dad’s farm, running around handing out free cupcakes in the city, book events, assaulting people with stories, begging (oops sorry, that’s called marketing), blogging (sometimes), reviewing everything on amazon, hating reviews, questioning everything, pondering my sanity, enjoying a good movie, criticizing Hollywood propaganda, listening to music, supporting everyone who needs it, accepting compliments (I’m getting better at doing this), push ups (there was a time, in my short fat ugly duckling life) that I sucked at them, climbing trees (this should really be higher), having tea parties (real and pretend), annoying my sister, when my sister and I annoy everyone else, hearing my mom sing (she is no Janis Joplin, but she’s MY no Janis Joplin), experiencing everything with my fiance, teaching, learning, I miss having a punching bag, NOT doing laundry, Making lists (it’s a never ending habit), going to Green Bay, camping, finding wild animals, sharing moments with said wild animals, sharing really, breathing-I especially enjoy breathing, glad to do it everyday, drinking, traveling, wandering, playing in snow, crocheting, hanging pictures, taking pictures, complaining about social media, secretly loving everyone on social media (even the people who hate me sometimes), did I say reading?, birds: looking at them, rubbing the sides of their necks and conversing with them in their own language, BBQing, driving long distances, looking at the stars, dancing in moonlight, ritual, lighting candles, talking to my ancestors, sleeping, intimate moments, dressing up, and the list goes on…

4. If there was one thing that you could change about your life, what would it be?

OOOOOOO, I usually say nothing because i am quite happy with the simple things, but becoming a world renown author and having enough money to buy a little house on enough land to have a little farm sounds like heaven (just so long as it’s close enough to visit the city often)

5. What’s your favorite body part? (weird question, as requested by award creator)

On me, or other people? On other people it has to be the smile. I would say lips but A. That sounds creepy and B. I only like them most when they are pulled into a smile. On myself, I have to say….hmmm…My fingers. My grandma always called them “piano fingers” They’re long and skinny, helps me to hold a pen for hours, play guitar, and reach super far stuff heehee


I want to nominate 15 bloggers but I’m not sure I know enough well enough

Let’s try

I nominate

Dash Crowley:


The garden of Words:

Charles French:

Mohamad Al Karbi:

Sean R. frazier:

Itching For Hitching:

Sean P. Carlin:

John Coyote:

Karina Pinella:

So the rules are simple, kind of. (Fine printish stuff haha)

It’s important to list the creator and your nominator along with links to them.

Share the lovely award image-I mean who doesn’t love a nice picture

Tell us all 3 things about yourself

Nominate 10-20 people (My fav # is 15, so you can guess how many I will…or not haha)

Notify nominees with comments on their blog

Ask nominees 5 questions (whatever you want, if you want to know their stance on the pineapple as a pizza topping debacle, by all means)

Oh and share your best posts

My best posts are always my most recent ones. Just keep reading and you’ll see that my word wrangling sucks less than it did each week. haha

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