Operation Free Books

This week was packed with plenty of explosions. Even in areas where shooting off fireworks is illegal, there were (and probably will be this weekend) displays being  lit up. My favorite way to celebrate the Nation’s independence is to sing along to the songs while watching 1776.


But now that my kids are at perfect childhood ages and we moved closer to my sister, we also enjoyed something I haven’t really gotten into in years: a parade!


Parades are magical when you’re little.


You stand in the heat and try not to get sunburnt waiting for fun people to march by and throw candy, jewelry, and excitement at you. They’re loud and crazy. They get the blood pumping. A lot of places have carnivals that start right after.

Sharing all the insanity with my little ones sparked an idea. My sister expressed a desire to be in the parade next year. My question was, “As what?” Then I realized I am an author, from there something even bigger grew.  “We could hand out free books to the kids!”

I did some digging and found this to be a tangible plan. Not everyone feels terribly great about the country right now, and there are plenty of reasons, but no matter where your politics side, we can all agree that reading brings us together. It helps us to understand different viewpoints. It gives different cultures and subcultures a voice.


I’ve enjoyed sharing my time and thoughts with many little bookworms and cannot wait to get out there and spread the love. Unlike some of the businesses and politicians who sometimes get a little commercial during celebrations, I’m not going to hand out business cards or print up fliers. No one likes that. (OK I’m sure some weirdo out there does, but they’re not the majority).

I want this to be about the books. Yes I may have a little sign so people know what we’re doing, but I plan to collect as many books as I can and hand them out. Every book sale in my area needs to lookout! Operation Free Books is about to start forming and we will be accepting donations ASAP.


There is nothing like spreading a love of adventure and wonder.

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