The Ingredients for Success

No this isn’t chainmail or some half-assed quick fix. Here’s the real truth of meeting your goals.


You need:

Talent: Without a natural ability you can still achieve goals, but it will be harder and less likely to be able to compete with others. Do what comes best to you and you’ll get further.

Knowledge: Education, experience, and a will to keep learning are a necessity.

Discipline: The ability to work at your goals even when you don’t feel like it means everything. I write when I’m sick, through  injury and emotional distress, because time won’t stop for anyone.

Ambition: Have to have the drive to want to meet goals. You must look forward to more than what you already have and once you get what you want, appreciate it and create new goals.

Strong-Will: Never allow anyone to deter you. If you can’t handle rejection you can’t handle success.


Simple characteristics, difficult execution; as always.

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