Book Goodies Interview

I’ve been at this for almost 9 years now.


Not writing, I’ve been writing and storytelling for as long as I can remember, but getting published and working as an author and really putting the work out there… yeah it’s been 9 years. I started counting when I got my first paying gig.

That was the point where I stopped and went, “Oh crap, I guess I’m going to be a writer.”


I didn’t know at first. Writing was an outlet. Something I always did but never expected to make a career. Fate has a funny way of leading you where you need to be no matter how much you think you want something else.

If I had realized this would be my path I would have probably paid more attention in the beginning, but it all worked out so I can’t complain.


My latest interview is just a simple overview of where I’m at now.

Things are always shifting. My routine never stays the same, but with the release of my new book, “Walk Your Path,” I have found more confidence in who I am and all the crazy things I still have to write.

So take a peek.

Happy Monday!

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