The most politically controversial post EVER!!! (JK, or am I???)

Mondays are my day to chime in on the annoying headlines or nonsense in the world. I consider myself a reasonable human being. Pretty intelligent. I like to do my own research.

But with the pandemic, social unrest, and economic hardships, one would have to be INSANE to not only have another kid (we’re in the 3rd trimester) but ALSO adopt a new puppy!

What is the world coming to?

How dare I take in a cute little fluff ball when there’s so much wrong in the world? How dare I enjoy life and keep breathing fresh air like some kind of psychopath?!

This is how:

Just look at all that happiness. Don’t these animals know that the world is ending and everyone is miserable?

Who do these dogs think they are, having fun and living without care? It’s almost as if dog spelled backwards is blasphemy or something.

They infiltrated the house too!

With cuteness…

Paw holding…

It almost makes me think that maybe, just maybe the world isn’t all nightmares and disaster…

I mean look at that good boy. He gave up his bed for the puppy, shares his toys, and follows his new friend everywhere.

Maybe Plato, Socrates, and Mark Twain were on to something loving dogs, seeing them as perfect beings

Or maybe they’re just a good reminder of the fun in the world. Just like cats and butterflies, and toads, and all the other little creatures out there.

What do I know? I let this butt sniffer lick my face. #PuppyBreath

There’s just something about this silliness that makes me forget about reading media propaganda, writing my own garbage, or dwelling on internet strangers. It must be white privilege. haha I mean both dogs have white on their paws and chests.

I’m gonna have to write more just to feed this growing mongrel.

Oh and the kids…

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