Goodreads Galore

There’s just something about a good read. And Goodreads gets that haha

From the author’s standpoint, a book release doesn’t truly feel final until it’s listed on Goodreads. As a reader, I love browsing upcoming books or finding my weird indie stuff on there and proudly marking them on my bookshelf, to-read list, and reviewing them once I’ve finished.

It’s just a fun warm happy place.

That happy place is the same atmosphere I wish to create with my own writings.

I have 2 awesome releases coming this spring (if you hadn’t already heard heeehee). The first is a sci-fi/fantasy tale about a singer who gains a special ability and will be featured in the “All Things Weird & Strange” anthology.

The second is a major Pagan non-fiction book that I worked my tail off on. It is simply titled, “The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice.” It is my first release with Llewellyn Worldwide and I truly believe it can help a lot of people.

Both are now listed on Goodreads. You can add them to your to-read list, or rate them if you’re lucky enough to get an advanced review copy. Both are also available for pre-orders! Each work is different in their genres, content, and style, but they come from my heart and I am so happy to share them with whoever hungers for a good read.

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