The Magic of Nature is all around

Book releases are a strange kind of birth. They have a lot to say. They cause an author to feel like they might explode, but it is a quiet sort of entrance into the world, especially in the COVID era.

Today, my 1st major worldwide release is in stores thanks to Llewellyn. “The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice,” was a book that poured out of me. I’ve never considered spellwork a theatrical performance, like it’s portrayed in the media. A lot of my experiences are natural. They are meditative and just another aspect of the daily rituals that everyone sets up for themselves.

I’m less attached to the material aspects of setting things in the right place or preparing a specific altar. A great deal of that is all for show. It’s meant to better connect a physical person to the physical aspects of creating change within and expelling that energy outward. If a person is less connected to those material ingredients, they can still utilize their power for balance, change, and so on.

Magic holds a different meaning for everyone, but it always contains endless possibilities. In my studies I’ve found value in various philosophies, but mainly, valuing ourselves and our place in the world.

Everyone has a purpose. Whether we choose to acknowledge that and walk with a greater sense of being and existence is up to us. There is magic in everyone. It lives in the natural world, ready to be utilized. How we discover ourselves and the balance of this great gift is what matters most.

This new book of mine is something I’m a little shy of. I’m not usually a shy person. It’s not easy to make me pull back or soften my bold exterior, but in matters of this material, I have many hopes.

If anyone draws anything from this work itself, I want them to know it comes from love and that is the main outcome I wish for it to promote. Everything else is just more detail, more “cloth” for the altar.

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