The Reviews for, “The Magic of Nature” are in!

Writing the book is only the preface. The editing, publishing, and release are the real story of an author’s journey. But then come the reviews. These are what it’s all about. Connecting to readers and accepting their feedback as part of the process to continue evolving with each work.

Reviews are not always easy to take. Sometimes a 3 star review will rave about how great a book is and leave people wondering why it’s not 4 or 5. Some 5 star reviews pick a book apart page by page until there’s nothing left but the spine. I’ve gotten used to it, and thankfully, in my career most everyone has been pleased by my work. I know I’m not going to reach everyone, and that some of what I write is going to be misunderstood or taken out of context (that’s life), but these reviews and ratings mean so much to me.

I always try to take feedback and run with it. It’s how I’ve been able to keep getting professional writing jobs for nearly 10 years without an agent.

There are days when I let reviews beat me up, but today, I want to celebrate all these lovely words and thank everyone for taking the time to even look at my book.

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