Why Leftists Think America is a Failed Experiment


I love looking at the world from as many sides as possible. I’m not stranger to hypocrisy, error, or faults, but I’m actually a little scared to post this one here today. Yet the content poured out of me because it has become such a part of my path, witnessing people convince themselves that there’s nothing they can do in situations which are not even close to hopeless.

Over the years my core values haven’t changed much, yet due to political shifts I am now considered a conservative to many because I don’t just bow down to outlandish government policies without question. I’m an “extremist” to some because I choose to homeschool my children and focus on individual rights instead of herd mentalities.

It’s odd to see the pendulum swing so far. Most of us just want to live our lives without being harmed or vilified. Nothing will ever convince me that humans are “evil” because I always find that most people have good intentions at heart. That means so much.

Of course, we all know, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” so if anyone who looks at a label and allows that branding (whether accurate or not) to determine their perception of another being, reads this…

Who knows? Maybe I’ll burn, maybe I won’t. I can only write what I know.


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