Finished My 1st Screenplay

I like to finish what I start. Whether my efforts will be recognized or appreciated doesn’t matter at this point. This project was honestly sparked for fun. As a way to cope with my mom’s cancer and give people a laugh about something that’s just wayyyyyyy too serious.

Screenplays are fun. They move faster than novels, but some days you just get sick of all the damn dialogue.

And man, do women talk a lot.

I don’t care if this doesn’t make sense.

My story is about brain damage, cancer, and family. It’s female-centric so I have to apologize in advanced to any men who aren’t ready to hear a couple of monologues.

(There are only 2, I swear)

For all you nanomo-ers (do screenplays count for that? I never actually do it. It happened on accident this year haha)

But I’m a chick, so I started with what I know. The REAL work hasn’t even begun yet. I need to primp up this first script and make sure it’s ready. Then off to my testers it goes for feedback. (Special shout out to Aaron Dunbar for agreeing to read this over)

The hubsy gets the first read-through along with my 11 year old who was born 30. They’ll have to email me their criticisms so I can cry at a screen instead of arguing with them before realizing they’re right.

But right now it’s completed and ready for polishing.

6 thoughts on “Finished My 1st Screenplay

  1. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    ๐Ÿ’œ As a Writer I find it Anathema to THINK!!! of My Writing as The Beginning, The Middle and The End when it is INFINITE!!! (just like “chick…chat”) EveryOne; having said that I Totally Get The Whole ‘Antagonist, Protagonist, Plausible Plot ad nauseum Thingy Taught By Those who Teach Others to Write)…because I Understand that Readers Desire a Gripping Narrative where The Antagonist seems to be Suceeding and The Protagonist Eventually Gives EveryBody a Happy Ever After; for Me, My Happy Ever After was Respectfully Rejecting Received Wisdom about Writing and Going with The Flow, My Stream of Consciousness EveryBody…doesn’t Earn Me any Money; does Give Me a Great Deal (pun definitely intended) of Soulful Satisfaction (sorry Rolling Stones, but it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Satisfaction is Gettable)


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