A bigger rejection

It finally happened, a publisher liked my book proposal but doesn’t want to sign me because I don’t bow down to big tech. As I’ve stated 100 times, I left Twitter and Facebook because they were allowing CHILD PORNOGRAPHY to circulate, and instead of actively working to have it removed and prevent further child sexual abuse, they started removing the accounts of people who were politically conservative…

So again… on Twitter and Facebook, child porn=okay, being pro-life or pro-small government, or pro-vaccine choice=not okay.

I could not of clear conscience remain on those platforms. Shortly after, I axed my Instagram, Youtube, and then this year, Pinterest because they were all censoring people for expressing “unpopular” LAWFUL political opinions.

I am a free speech advocate. I don’t trust anyone in publishing who is not. And that’s a lot of entities right now. I’ve been censored and politically attacked. I had my phone hacked while I was working for “The New American.”

But I will not bow.

I had a combined total of over 20,000 followers on the big tech platforms and when I axed them, something amazing happened, SOMEHOW, magically, my book sales actually went up haha

Because people don’t go on social media to buy things. They don’t support authors who act like car salesman.

What really shocks me about this situation is that it was WEISER who rejected me. The spiritual occultist publisher who has the rights to some of Aleister Crowley’s work hahahahahhahahahha

Can you imagine if Crowley were alive today? IF he were on Twitter or Facebook he would be a bigger troll than Donald Trump was. I’m sure of that.

Weiser completely overlooked the thousands of people who follow me on WordPress, Minds, Tumblr, Gab, and LinkedIn (Hell I work for Evie Magazine). Why would they do that?

Maybe sales are really that bad right now. Maybe they’re worried about appearances because ESG scores are the new corporate global social credit system that many businesses are pandering to in order to appease the World Economic Forum, and no one has the balls to stand up to Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, or any of the other mega douchie control freaks who think they have the right to tell us little people what to do with ourselves. Or maybe Weiser is super lefty and I’m a loose cannon haha

I don’t know.

At this point, I don’t really care.

I will not go back. I will not bow to these corporations that use the power of censorship to influence politics for their benefit.

My work is for everyone except pedophiles and rapists. I love exploring the beauty of ideologies on the right, left, and everywhere in between. Twitter does not allow that. Neither does Facebook. Plenty of my articles have been censored by them (and yes one following the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was censored –when friends and family tried to share it on both– just last week).


The entire reason I write is to enlighten, unify, and explore the human connection with nature and eternity. If that’s not good enough for Weiser, then they don’t deserve me.

3 thoughts on “A bigger rejection

  1. River Dixon says:

    Good for you for standing by your convictions. At Potter’s Grove Press, we also refuse to use any of the larger social media platforms for many of the reasons you mentioned. We use WordPress and Goodreads, that’s it. I have received some criticism for it but I don’t care. There are more important things in life than book sales.

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