How To Never Be Rude To Your Husband, No Matter How Crappy Your Day Was

I always never speak in absolutes. haha

This was not the original title for this article, but it hits. When I got this topic, I wasn’t sure about it. I thought: Shouldn’t using good manners in marriage be common sense?

But my husband pointed out that a lot of young adults out there just seem to have missed out on certain lessons. Like simple values. And general pleasantries. It’s why Jordan Peterson is so popular with young men. He literally tells them to make their bed and is heralded as a genius.

I’m no world renown psychologist, but I am a wife and mother who sees the other side; how women who have relationship issues can use just a few simple graces to enhance their relationships and find more fulling connections. (Maybe it’s time I finally finish my psychology degree? IDK)

So read on if you want to find mature solutions to your marriage tiffs:

3 thoughts on “How To Never Be Rude To Your Husband, No Matter How Crappy Your Day Was

  1. Content Catnip says:

    I love how you have written this. I am not really polite to my partner, but I am always affectionate and loving, but I’m not afraid to disagree with him, he seems to like this though 😸

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