The Real Disease

Never forget that global leaders were involved in a massive child sex trafficking ring. That the CIA and FBI were supposedly complicit with, if not in charge of, an operation where Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell groomed underage girls and forced them to having sexual contact with high-profile politicians in order to blackmail these powerful elites and control our entire system.

Conspiracy or not, Epstein was arrested

Conspiracy or not, his home was raided and mountains of evidence found (including a painting of Bill Clinton in a Dress)

Conspiracy or Not, Maxwell has been accused by multiple women of grooming and abusing them before they were of age

Conspiracy or not, Prince Andrew is under investigation for sexual activity with a minor

Conspiracy or not, the FBI knew that American gymnasts were sexually abused and did nothing for years

Conspiracy or not, Epstein did NOT kill himself

Conspiracy or not, COVID has been used as a scapegoat to avoid due process

Conspiracy or not, more children are forced into child sex trafficking rings than die of (or even contract) COVID

Conspiracy or not, the mainstream media has barely acknowledged — if not ignored– the Epstein scandal and Maxwell trial while perpetuating a state of fear from a virus that is growing less and less deadly/harmful with each strain.


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