Americans Are Sacrificing Kids To Protect Adults, And It Has To Stop

We have nothing to fear but a society that fears themselves and everyone else. I will not teach my children to fear their own bodies or anyone else’s. The COVID hysteria has caused more damage than the virus itself, especially to younger generations and I’m done with it.

I’ve been done for a long time. I’m the mom who was tearing caution tape off of playgrounds during the pandemic, once the data and factual science proved that COVID-19 wasn’t harmful to children and most everyone else. I was the mother pulling down signs telling children to mask up and removing blockades barring kids from playing at indoor play places.

I’m the mom who still threw birthday parties and Halloween parties and Barbecues, and my house is also where we hosted a sober bonfire for AA members when meetings were shut down, limited, and regulated too.

None of the things I have done were out of spite, anger, or ignorance. None of them were done because I don’t know when to fall in line (well, maybe a little of that–my grandpa was a WWII vet who taught me to trust my instincts, never any government). Everything I’ve done from the start was to prevent exactly what’s happening now. Record teen suicide attempts, children who are afraid of other children, babies experiencing developmental issues.

This article takes the gloves off, not because I want to fight, but because everyone who has fought me on this is now starting to realize just how deep the consequences go. My only hope is that we can all remember our humanity and get back to connecting without fear of each other, or even death. I would rather die than live a life of government imposed isolation and I know I am not alone.

If you disagree, stay home. Mask up. But if you still care about hugs and laughter, then carry on.

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