“The People’s Convoy” is Rolling


I have always, and will always stand for our inherent god-given rights. It is not unreasonable to uphold the right to allow people to make medical decisions for themselves based on their needs and the advice of their specific health care provider.

Our bodies belong to us. Not our friends, family, neighbors, and definitely NOT governments. The mainstream media paints the pictures that they want and they are so deep in bed with elites in power that they’ve become part of the mattress. No one is asking for COVID vaccines to be banned, or masks to be criminalized. All we want is to do what we know is best for us. That choice is protected and backed by the United States constitution, the Nuremberg Code, and the sacrifices we make to pay taxes to the government that is owned by the people.

Truckers, like farmers, are the backbone of this country. Black, white, Puerto Riccan, Asian, or whatever, I invite you to stand for your rights and peacefully support those who are driving to DC to be heard. We know how the Jan 6th protests were vilified and manipulated into a media frenzy of lies. We know that political usurpers will likely be there to stage political theater to demonize those who refuse to bow down. We also know that if we don’t peacefully do something now, our children will not be able to.

I do not trust governments, media organizations, and institutions which have continuously proven their maliciousness. I trust my family, friends, and neighbors to look around and remember our humanity. To remember our bonds and commonalities, no matter who we are or where we come from.

I am going to meet the truckers in Sullivan, Missouri when they pass through. I will feed them and offer my support and supplies. I will peacefully stand with the people who are fighting to keep our freedoms alive. Hopefully I can get some interviews and video, and I will share them.

Last year I learned some harsh lessons about truth and journalism. On both sides major media outlets don’t care about the truth. They want their story to be accepted instead of reality. I am human and hold a bias, but I will post everything I can. If I see misconduct I will show it. If I see crime I will show it. If I am censored or held back by militarized law enforcement, I will show it.

I anticipate everything, but also know that it might be a pretty boring event. haha

Who knows.


2 thoughts on ““The People’s Convoy” is Rolling

  1. Dawn Pisturino says:

    Yes, people in my neck of the woods were lined up along Highway 68 in Golden Valley, Arizona to greet people and show their support as they passed through. Makes me very proud! Thanks for sharing the video.

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