What I Saw When I Met The U.S. Truckers’ Convoy In Missouri


The moment I stepped away from hard journalism, I missed it. Not this modern watered-down news where YouTubers report on other people’s reports. I mean real investigative reporting.

It was stressful. But I was good at it. So from time to time, the old boots go on, and I get out there and have to find the real story for myself. From the second I heard about The People’s Convoy, I started researching them. They’re organized, reasonable, and not only peaceful, but incredibly friendly to everyone they meet.

So when I mapped the routes and found out they were coming through MO, I knew I would be there to see them. I had watched Canadian Truckers be treated despicably, and all the while I longed to go to them. The protests in Canada are still ongoing, but they’re led by the people now instead of just the truckers. In Canada they don’t have free speech or the right to protest, their fight will be harder. But here in the US we DO have those rights, so I know it’s my duty to support this group of freedom fighters.

Many people have been asking why they’re still heading to DC. Mask mandates are being dropped, and vaccine requirements aren’t working. So why sill go?

Well, yesterday I literally had a publication ask me if I’m vaccinated or not, to submit something online. It is none of their business. We will never meet face-to-face, and if they feel the need to ask about my medical history I guess they need to know about my low blood pressure, or the fact that I had my tonsils out when I was 17? No, it’s none of anyone’s business. My mother shouldn’t have to declare that she’s been through chemo and radiation treatments, just like no one has ever been restricted from buying groceries or eating out because they don’t have a flu shot, rabies shot, or tuberculosis shot. We’re not dogs. We’re people. Mind your biz.

And so long as the National State of Emergency stands, the people do not retain the power, even though we are a self-governing country that is “by the people and for the people.”

So until that is dropped, the proverbial battle must continue.

All over Facebook, Gab, and the few news outlets covering this unifying event, people are discouraging truckers and the individuals who have the courage to come out in person. They warn that the elites in power are just waiting for another January 6th, that they want to break us up and arrest us. They want a spectacle so they can vilify patriots.

Some have suggested that the convoy go to the border instead. The border crisis is truly an unprecedented emergency, but the elites in power don’t care about that. They have proven this time and time again, and the reason they have sought to defame and punish the peaceful January 6th protesters, is because they were scared of that large group of Americans ─ who will not bow to tyranny. Politicians didn’t care when BLM activists burned down cities, because those “protesters” were attacking themselves and their own backyards, not the politicians’. Yes the convoy is taking a risk, but there are always people protesting in Washington DC. What makes the convoy different is that they are showing up in massive numbers to peacefully display to our “leaders” that we are not happy with them or their policies. The reason the convoy must go on is because they have to remind our elected officials who they work for.

Thankfully I was able to see for myself, and report on the convoy. And The Federalist took my article. Bless them.

So please, read on to learn what this convoy is all about, and why everyone should still support them:


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