Many Public Schools Dropping To 4 Days A Week In 2022-2023

The state of public education is pretty iffy right now. Parent like me are homeschooling and our kids are outperforming their peers easily. Standardized testing failures, budgeting issues, harmful covid-related policies, intrusive insertion of one-sided politics, and more have led to a drop in enrollment across the nation, and teachers are quitting everyday. Even school bus drivers want nothing to do with this dumpster-fire.

To adjust, a lot of districts are considering moving to a 4-day school week. Some have already moved to do so starting this fall. How it will play out, nobody knows. Meanwhile, I’m happily teaching my kids at home, and hoping that families who don’t have that option, or just don’t believe it’s best for their kids, get a better experience out of public schools.

Check out my latest article on the news:

3 thoughts on “Many Public Schools Dropping To 4 Days A Week In 2022-2023

  1. Susan Strasser, Blogger & Memoirist says:

    I am not surprised at all. The system is broken. Until class ratios are cut in half, which seems impossible, no real progress will be made. Our kids must be valued as individuals, human beings, and shown to follow their intuition in a loving and intelligent matter.

    1. JessicaMarieBaumgartner says:

      Absolutely. It seems like a valid solution. More schools means more jobs, and a better economy, but the system is so broken so many people are jumping ship. I’ve been homeschooling my kids from the start and I’m glad that they’ve never gone to public school 😦

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