The Beard Ballad (Book Review!)

This weekend is the Great Homeschool Convention in Missouri and I have had wayyyyy too much fun with my family. But one of the highlights of this convention is sitting in on a special event about, “The Beard Ballad,” by Harold Cronk and receiving a free copy of the children’s picture book.

It’s just so cute and fun, and hilarious. It’s a positive image of fatherhood, boyhood, and celebrating masculinity. Plus flannel… and woodcutting haha Because men all have an inner lumberjack just waiting to be revealed, or so I suspect.

The story takes place over No Shave November. The illustrations are fun. The rhyming scheme is great. Plus, My sons love it! They can’t wait to grow their own beards like daddy.

This is definitely a book all fathers should read to their sons. I’m buying copies for all the men who have little boys in my family because it’s not really just about beards, it’s about offering positive male bonding experiences between fathers and sons and that just melts my dear mommy heart.

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